SimpLink on TV

With SimpLink, you control external devices connected by HDMI to your LG TV with the TV’s magic remote. it enables an external device to power on the TV, and for the TV to power off external devices. Configure the SimpLink options for each device as you connect it to your LG TV.

Step 1

Press the Home button on your Magic Remote and then select the Device Connector using the navigation keys on the Magic Remote.

Step 2

Choose from the menu the type of device you’re connecting — for example, a Blu-ray player.

Step 3

Choose the HDMI port you’re using for the device. Connect the device to the TV using a high-speed HDMI cable and choose Next on the screen.

Step 4

Move the SimpLink slider to the right to the On position for the device.

This enables use your Magic Remote to control the device. For example, for a media player, you can use the Stop, Play, Pause, Forward and Backward buttons to control playback, and the navigation arrows and OK button to select from on-screen menus.

Step 5

Move the Auto Power Sync slider to the right to the On position.

With automatic power syncing, your SimpLink-compatible device turns on your TV when it is turned on, and it changes the TV input to the device. If the device contains content, such as a DVD, it automatically starts playing the content. When you turn the TV off, the power sync function turns off all SimpLink-enabled devices connected to the TV.


  • SimpLink is LG’s implementation of the consumer electronics control feature that’s supported by most HDMI cables. While some CEC-compatible devices might work with SimpLink, only SimpLink-certified devices are supported by LG. A SimpLink-certified device displays the SimpLink logo on its product packaging or user documentation.

Step 6

Power off the device you connected as well as your LG TV. Power on your device and verify that the TV automatically powers on, switches the input to the device and — the case of media players — begins playing the device’s media.


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