1D,2D,3D,4D and 5D explanation

1st dimension: Imagine a line, just a simple line with only the dimensionlength, with no width or height. This is 1D
2nd dimension: Imagine a plane. We now have two dimensions – length and width. This is 2D.
3rd dimension: This is the space in which we live. Any object which has length, width and height is 3 dimensional. We, living in 3 dimensional space can perceive all of the first 3 dimensions simultaneously.
4th dimension: The fourth dimension is time. Just like a person living in 3D can perceive all the three dimensions of length, breadth and height simultaneously, a person living in 4D can also perceive all the events of a single timeline simultaneously.
5th dimension: The fifth dimension is all possible timelines. If we consider a single timeline to be a series of events that can occur over time, then the 5th dimension is the entire collection of such timelines. That is, all possible timelines that could occur in the universe. If we were to sum this up in one word, then the fifth dimension could be labelled “possibility”.


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