Continuous monitoring contact lens

  Today’s data collection devices, if not in physical contact with the body, are not sending out information. There are possibilities for implanting but our bodies generally react poorly to foreign objects. Parviz’s targeted interface on the human body is the surface of the eye. Tears exist with much of the same chemical makeup… Read More Continuous monitoring contact lens


1N4001-1N4007 1N4001 – 1N4007 Features Low forward voltage drop. • • High surge current capability. DO-41 COLOR BAND DENOTES CATHODE General Purpose Rectifiers (Glass Passivated) Absolute Maximum Ratings* T = 25°C unless otherwise noted A Symbol Parameter Value Units 4001 4002 4003 4004 4005 4006 4007 V V Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage 50 100 200… Read More IN4001 DATASHEET