Wi-Vi technology an Introduction. Track movement behind walls

Wi-Vi technology an Introduction. Track movement behind walls
Coming up the new technology, known as “Wi-Vi”, is depending on a idea just like radar and sonar imaging. But contrary to the others, Wi-Vi sends a low-power Wi-Fi indication and uses its insights to monitor people movements. It can do so even if the people are in closed rooms or behind a wall.

We wanted to create a device that is low-power, portable and simple enough for anyone to use, to give people the ability to see through walls and closed doors, said Dina Katabi, a professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. So, if the person moves behind the wall, all reflections from static objects are cancelled out, and the only thing registered by the device is the moving human

Scientists have long tried to develop a program able of seeing people through surfaces. However, past initiatives to create such a program have engaged the use of bulky radar technology that uses a part of the electromagnetic spectrum restricted to secure communication of the army.

Wi-Vi will be presented at the Sigcomm conference in Hong Kong in August 2013.


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