High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)

High Speed Packet Access (HSPA), an introduction

The term, HSPA refers to the latest entrant in mobile data transfer. High Speed Packet Access is also universally known as 3G .This technology is made up of two different technologies-High Speed Download Access and High Speed Upload Access. HSPA offers mobile phone and cell phone user’s access to speeds up to fourteen megabits per second.

Uses Of HSPA Technology

  • Faster Connection Via Mobile Browsers – Mobile browsers can now connect to any website. The HSPA technology allows the user to view every page, irrespective of its size or richness of content.
  • Faster Audio And Video Streaming – Users now watch videos, television shows and listen to music, without experiencing any time lags.
  • Faster Gaming – The biggest benefactor is the mobile gaming industry. Media-rich and Multi-player games can be easily accessed via mobile phones which use HSPA technology.

Benefits Of HSPA Technology

  • Better Real-Time Access – At the overall lag time is reduced; there has been an increase in the usage of real-time mobile applications.
  • Better Data Uploads And Downloads – Since the speeds available are high, users upload or download any information. Delays in transfer of data are no longer an issue.
  • Better Productivity – The combination of low lag time and high speeds allows users to conduct all their business transactions via their mobile phone, thus increasing their productivity.

Disadvantages Of HSPA Technology

  • Network Strength – Areas with poor network, reduce the overall performance.
  • User Strength – If, many users are using the 3G network, overall speeds will reduce significantly.
  • Better And Cheaper Technologies Available – The market today has technologies cheaper and faster in comparison to HSPA.

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