C.P.U:- Central Processing Unit
C.M.O.S:- Complementary Metal Oxide
P.C.I:- Peripherals Component Interface
B.I.O.S:- Basic Input Output System
Mhz:- Mega Hetz or Ghz:- Giga Hetz
DIMM:- Dual In Memory Modules
D.D.R:- Doble Data Rate
U.S.B:- Universal Data Bus
F.D.D:- Floppy Disk Drive
SATA:- Serial Advance Technology Attachment
H.D.D:- Hard Disk Drive
P.O.S.T:- Power On Self Test
P.G.N:- Pin Grid Array
E.P.P:- Enhanced Parallel Port
E.C.P:- Extended Capabilities’ Port
F.S.B:- Front Side Bus
L.C.D:- Liquid Crystal Display
T.F.T:- Thin Film Transistor
S.C.S.I :- Small Computer System Interface
P.S.U:- Power Supply Unit
R.P.M:- Rotation Per Minutes


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