Top Five Most Counterfeited Semiconductor Types

Top Five Most Counterfeited Semiconductor Types


The five most prevalent types of semiconductors reported as counterfeits that have widespread commercial and military use represent $169 billion in potential annual risk for the global electronics supply chain, according to information and analytics provider IHS.

The five most commonly counterfeited semiconductor types are analog integrated circuits (ICs), microprocessors, memory ICs, programmable logic devices, and transistors, based on data from IHS. Together, these five component commodity groups accounted for slightly more than two-thirds of all counterfeit incidents reported in 2011.

However, more than 100 types of integrated circuits, passive components, electro-mechanical devices, and other parts have counterfeit incidents reported against them. They are used in all major semiconductor applications, from computing to military applications, automotive electronics, consumer devices, and more.

2011 was a record year for counterfeit reporting, and incidents of reported counterfeit parts have tripled during the past two years. Counterfeit parts are defined as substitutes manufactured and sold as a particular chip, or salvaged waste components that fail to meet quality requirements.


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