Samsung Galaxy IV : 5″ screen, 13MP camera

Today at its Galaxy S event in New York, Samsung has officially announced the much awaited Galaxy S4, featuring 4G LTE support, a 5″ 441ppi screen, a 7.9mm-thick body, a 13mp camera and dual-camera recording. The device weighs in at 130 grams and also packs new sensors, including infrared gesture, temperature and humidity.


According to Samsung’s JK Shin, speaking on stage at the company’s over-the-top press event in Times Square, the device will feature the rumored Samsung Smart Scroll, Samsung Knox, and a translation feature dubbed the “S Translator.” Samsung is boldly calling the device a “life companion.”

Samsung said the Galaxy S4 will sport a bigger 5-inch display than the S3′s 4.8 inches. But because the new display will cover more of the phone’s surface area, the device itself will be the same length and slightly narrower, thinner and lighter than the previous generation.

The newest features involve different options for navigation. For example, the phone can actually senses someone is looking at the screen; the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a Web page. When a video is playing, for instance, the stream will automatically pause if the person glances away and it will restart when the eyes refocus on the screen.

The latest phone also has a sensor that lets users move their hands to the left or right to scroll between different websites they have opened or through songs or photos in an album without having to touch the phone.

The phone will also allow users to hover a finger over an email inbox or a photo gallery to get a glimpse of more details of what’s in the email or which photos are in an album.

Another feature includes the option to automatically put a copy of details from a photograph of a business card into the phone’s contacts database or call a number in the business card.

Samsung is also promising an instant translation between 10 different languages for certain applications, as well as a separate translation application on the device.

Samsung announced unique camera features for the handset. A dual-camera mode for photo and video allows both the from and rear cameras to be used at the same time. A sound in shot mode allows you to record an audio clip to be attached to a photo. Additional features include an eraser and touch less “air view” where you point to preview photos.

The company also highlighted a new S Translator function that allows live text to speech or speech to text translation of 9 languages (10, if you count American and British English separately). The feature comes with 3,000 embedded useful sentences for offline use and is integrated with Chaton, and the S4′s email and messaging app.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung went on to tout a number of other features, including Group Play, which lets users play music through up to 8 galaxy s4 devices — even without an Internet connection.

In promoting this event, Samsung said that attendees will be “the first in the world to experience” the new phone, hinting that the Smartphone will be at least viewable, or perhaps available as demo units immediately afterwards.

More specs:

  • Cat 3 100/50Mbps (downloads at 100 Mbps, uploads at 50Mbps)
  • Wi-Fi a b g n a c (HT80)
  • Bluteooth 4.0 IR LED (Remote Control) MHL 2.0
  • 13mp camera, 2mp front,
  • 2gb of LP DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB HD with 32, 64 and microSD
  • Battery: removable 2,600 mAh
  • Two models: black mist and white frost

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