The object of this project is to control Robot movement and direction for an application as per the instruction given to microcontroller through wireless keypad.
                This project is useful for the industrial remote controlled application such as carrying application and security application.
Brief Methodology:
                This project is designed with
1.  Micro-controller
2.  Driver Circuits along with Motors
3.  Robot Model
4.  Encoder
5.  Decoder
6.  RF transmitter and receiver
7.  Keypad
                In this project wireless control section consists of keypad, encoder and RF transmitter. The keypad consists of several buttons representing the one operation such as forward, reverse movement and left, right direction.  The keypad entered signal is encoded and given to RF transmitter in which the signal is modulated with carrier frequency. After the modulation the encoded signal is transmitted through RF transmitter.
   The receiver section consists of RF receiver, Decoder, Microcontroller and Robot model. The received signal is demodulated in the RF receiver in which the carrier signal is removed then given to decoder. In the decoder the encoded signal is decoded into original signal as per transmitted from the control section. Then the signal is given to microcontroller.
    Here the microcontroller is the flash type reprogrammable microcontroller in which we have already programmed with our objective. The microcontroller activates the driver circuit as per the instruction from the control side.
  For example when you press the forward key in the control section, the microcontroller activates the corresponding driver circuit. The driver circuit controls the motor which is attached in the robot model. Now the robot is moving in the forward direction.
     Similarly we can control the robot remotely in reverse and left, right direction as per the instruction from the wireless keypad.
1.       Low power consumption.
2.       Simple mechanical design.
3.       We can control the robot effectively through wireless.
            Wireless robot is useful in the industrial application where the application is very difficult to do manually at a place itself.

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