Bosch Automatic Driving Car

When we talk about technologies especially on embedded electronics and automotive together, sky is the limit. Just relax for a while and think about vehicles around you, you find for the past few decades, innovation within the automotive sector has brought major technological advances,

leading to safer, cleaner, more affordable vehicles and most of them loaded with latest gadgets.  But, all these are not going to make a major revamp in automotive sector? But what about having a self driving car? It could be something more innovative. What you say??? You may think of super express way with both sides some sort of sensing throughout the road…adding a big transportation infrastructure and blah blah blah….!

Just forget all that, here comes a great invention from automobile giant BOSCH, Bosch unveiled its first self-driving car via a You Tube video that describes its innovative work at the Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto, California, putting its brand squarely in the corner of autonomous vehicles.

The new technology can provide us solutions to some of our most troublesome problems— the million hours are wasted in traffic jams, the high cost of transportation infrastructure and traffic crashes, also the wasted urban space given over to parking lots etc… But,  if self-driving vehicles become a reality, the implications would also be thoroughly disruptive for almost every stakeholder in the automotive ecosystem.

BOSCH self driving car

BOSCH self driving car

Bosch Automated driving a high-performance driver assistance systems, helping drivers reach their destinations safely and more comfortably. In the near future, the advanced system will be able to analyze more complex traffic situations and act either independently or by supporting the driver. Bosch, the German electronics company, is developing solutions with increasing level of automation, for an intelligent forward thinking vehicle. An accident free driving reality.


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