Billion pixels telescope

The eye of gaia is a very very big one
billion pixel telescope and this
telescope will sent to the space for
capturing all the universe to see and
to map, scale which is recently
impossible but now its possible one
can see over thousand starts with
telescope but eye of gaia will be able
to cover over billion stars which you
cannot imagine to see with normal
telescope even you will shocked to
know that the starts will be
seenwith help of eye of gaia is one
percent part of milky
way galaxy which is amazing this
telescope recently found by scientist
and a very very big discovery of
scientists now eye of gaia is ready to
send to the space which is cool in
order to cover all one billion starts at
one time eye of gaia will use the
technology of cddc which is used in
all regular cameras like nikon, canon
etc it is the biggest camera of the
world you have probably seen many
of the 12px or even 16px cameras
and clarity of that camera’s pictures
but what about one billion pixel
now the whole world is very excited
to get this telescope to send to the


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