Vibration sensors avoid accidents in railways

No matter how far we are standing
at the railway crossing, we can easily
know the arrival of the train only by
sensing the intensity of the
vibrations created on the metal
tracks on which train runs.
Thus, the intensity of the vibrations
created during passage of a train at
certain railroads or railways tracks
can be turned into a force itself
which, confined into a tunneled
system, could help open and close
the barriers automatically without
any human or other mechanical or
electrical intervention whatsoever.
For this purpose, we need a
Vibration Sensor that works
according to the high and low
intensity of the vibrations created on
railway tracks whenever trains run
on it. Attached with vibration
sensors at railway crossings, the
intelligent train barriers will be
automatically closed whenever trains
come. The same will be open up
automatically when the trains leave.
Based on immediate response
against the vibrations created, using
the proposed mechanism will be
cost-effective, flawless and quite
secure for the general public and
road traffic, thus avoiding
frequently-occurring accidents at
these places.
In general, many attempts have
been made by our scientific
communities to transform sound
into a source of energy and power
that can be further utilized for
multiple purposes. But converting
the massive flow of vibrations into a
greatest source of energy has not
been conceptualized yet.
If we make vibration sensor and
convertor, it will bring a revolution in
the world of science and
technologies bringing about new
inventions and devices and would
also be a best alternative of power
and energy.
The proposed is an intelligent
system that can sense the increasing
and decreasing amount of vibrations
being created on railway tracks and
send the relevant message to the
attached barriers to work
accordingly without any other
The Problem :
Many manual and automatic
barriers are used to secure the
traffic around the railway barrier as
well as the passing train itself during
the passage of a train. The process
is done by locking the nearby traffic
But when in energy-deprived nation
like ours, these barriers become
useless during load-shedding and
power breakdown. We need an
automatic but dependable system to
run this entire system which
requires no electricity at all and
could offer us the desired services


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