This Is One Of My Project Did With PRAVEENKUMAR KK & SELVARIYAN T N CONTEST- MIT Chennai Place -4th Duration-20days Project Expensive-1800 rs Track: Software -Eagle 6.0,Notepad ++,WinAVR 2007,HD Boot Flash. Schematic Representation: PCB Representation: Printed Circuit Board: Source Code: #include<avr/io.h> int main(void) { DDRA=0X00; PORTA=0X00; DDRD=0XF0; PORTD=0X00; while(1) { if((PINA&0X01)==0X01) { PORTD=0X10; } else… Read More LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT

Automatic control of students attendance in classrooms using RFID

Objective:                  The objective of this project is to design the electronic attendance system by using RFID.  Scope:           This project is very used to provide the easy access to maintain the attendance.  In this project RFID card is used as employee or student ID card. This project is very useful to the company and… Read More Automatic control of students attendance in classrooms using RFID

Open Wireless Home Automation

panStamp is an open wireless home automation platform forming a complete ecosystem of wireless nodes and IP controllers. This solution mainly consists of panStamps, low-power wireless modules programmable from the Arduino IDE, plus a set of software tools, gateways and controllers. “Although panStamp targets any M2M project, Home Automation is probably the preferred application field by our users” – states Daniel… Read More Open Wireless Home Automation

Smart Parking Reservation System using Short Message Services

Introduction of embedded: Embedded system debugging involves more conceptual layers of a target system than debugging for time-sharing systems. Consider the case of debugging a C program within a time-sharing system. User-debugger interaction occurs almost entirely at a C language level of abstraction. Descent into assembly language and machine code representations of a target program… Read More Smart Parking Reservation System using Short Message Services

100 Watt Inverter

Description Here is a 100 Watt inverter circuit using minimum number of components.I think it is quite difficult to make a decent one like this with further less components.Here we use CD 4047 IC from Texas Instruments for generating the 100 Hz  pulses  and four 2N3055 transistors for driving the load. The IC1 Cd4047 wired… Read More 100 Watt Inverter